repeatedly raped…

repeatedly raped

history of degradation
denial of family rights
rejection of equality
covert systems of bondage
black life in america



the grinding stone…

the grinding stone

western winds have subsided
death’s grinding stone lies idle
but as always hate’s winds will return
grinding racism will once again
turn innocent lives into funeral dust

steady as a rock…

steady as a rock...

all those marches
for folks murdered by police
can’t sway the scales of justice
the fulcrum’s rusted
nothing can move it



republican voter suppression…

shadows of yesterday
lingering behind closed eyes
muted moments of life
held in fear‘s bondage
to make freedom unobtainable

dark transfiguration…

once those nailed to a cross
stand upon solid ground
and have the nails removed
they grasp hammers and spikes
placing others on their crosses


no fault of their own…

life leaves battle scars
soul’s deep emotional wounds
that transcend rational thought
symptoms are hate and anger
pressed upon the innocent