seeing comparisons…

wrapped in a martyrs flag

created ghettos
and oppressive laws
all aspects of life
suffocating others to death



like a two bit whore…

like a two bit whore

willing to spread their legs
regardless of the price
those politicians who
choose to be expedient
disregarding their pledges



wrapped in a martyr’s flag…

wrapped in a martyrs flag

using the sins of others
to conceal their own sins
history’s atrocities
committed against their fathers
are now their adopted ways



manuscript editing…

ghost writings...

if injustice’s dead would rise
and once again have human eyes
so they could find their oppressors
calling them out by name
we’d have to rewrite the history books

southern comfort…

southern comfort

just below the surface
remnants of an innocent life
beneath a blanket of fabricated stories
covered by layers of lies
and kentucky blue grass



redemption of debentures…

redemption of debenture

unwritten liabilities
issued at birth
and throughout childhood
issued as a right of motherhood
settlement unquestioned devotion



concurrent events…

concurrent events

a politically significant discussion
a virtual meeting of world leaders
debates submerged in political science
a seemingly insignificant child
buried today along side family