existence becomes nothingness…

existence becomes nothingness

breaths become labor
eyes empty of joy’s last tears
fears with each heartbeat
the cloth of humanity
torn away by war has left
us all ignored naked beasts
lost in the darkness of life



the hand dealt…

Ukraine Flag

there’s a time to die
we may not choose the hour
but we decide how
curled into a ball of fear
or defiantly to angst
but we all will die
there’s no miracles for death
only vague offers
of rewards and wonders for
our repentance for life’s sins
that doesn’t ease death
but shields us from some questions
we refuse to ask
there’s no need to spell them out
you’ve heard them a thousand times
that is not the point
it is more about how we
face what’s apparent
the presence of our own death
and how we play our last cards

life’s night in america…

life's night in america

walk life’s forest floor
and you will see human fear
darkness surrounds all
even one’s breath’s shrouded in
survival’s desperation