the book of dying 2:4…

the seas died no more fishing
ships sail nowhere no reason to
for all waters had death’s stench
ocean’s breezes ceased shore waters rose


the book of dying 2:2…

greed blinds men this death knew
so offered wealth instead of freedom
so men submitted for personal gain
so their dreams were easily raped


the book of dying 1:9…

workers’ prayers continued but no change
their loads grew as poverty did
as more died death smiled broadly
but some asked questions about life


the book of dying 1:7…

but death spoke offering false hope
and people listened denying all truth
choosing the darkness over the light
counting their coins not other’s lives


the book of dying 1:5…

the word spread ignore the dead
all dead children would have died
there was nothing to be done
accept your fate pray to god


the book of dying 1:4…

but men chastised claiming their righteousness
war was good bringing all peace
filling the markets so none starved
what’s done is good for all