having survived a life trial…

having survived a life trial

the storm’s aftermath
is often worse than the storm
one’s most vulnerable
when their defenses are down 
skies are clear but high waters
conceal submerged dangers




rewrite on a chinese proverb…

rewrite of chinese proverb

give a man a dream
and he’ll strive for perfection
but without a dream
that very same man becomes
just like a beast of burden
mindlessly plowing through life

your worth …

this memorial day

the games of nations
make all of us expendable
numbers on a page
bottom line sacrifices
penny change to the wealthy
who profit from our losses




savage sanhedrin…

savage sanhedrin

she’s been crucified
nailed to society’s cross
betrayed by her sons
stripped naked of birth’s freedom 
her life taken for their sins
pray that she will rise again

with some political aid…

with some political aid

demons get their wings
every time there’s a murder
could be a bomb
or just a mass school shooting 
doesn’t matter as long as
they are innocent young souls




oh go ahead whistle a happy tune…

oh go ahead whistle a happy tune

songs should start the day
songs that fill the heart with joy
don’t begin the day 
with moans and groans about life
for i can assure you that
things will without doubt get worse



dear mr adams…

dear mr adams-gigapixel-art-width-3000px

what color is death
its robe is black but its face
is a chalky white
and as death approaches you
you’re told to walk towards the light
it seems one should avoid white