systemic bribery…

systemic bribery

lives changed and lives lost
the cost of doing business
a survival game
played by earth’s inhabitants
who ante in their own lives
claiming it’s just a job
oh gratuities
can be quite small or quite large
but they are deserved
say all the recipients
so no need for any guilt
it’s just a little white lie



3 thoughts on “systemic bribery…

      • I am not an easy crier, but your kindness brought tears to my eyes. For what it is worth, I would go through all of it again to be someone who understands and makes an effort towards not being down with the oppressors. I would rather struggle and comprehend, than have lived an easy life and be an oppressing asshole. Truly, I am sorry for all the past and continued suffering, horrors and indignities wrought upon the black American community, though I am embarrassed to offer something as puny as an apology. It is an honor to be called your friend.

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