freedom’s march…

rotating the sphere
an embedded scorpion
that appears to move
merely the glass refraction
like societal changes


6 thoughts on “freedom’s march…

  1. Do you believe there will be a back-lash in the future? Social historians and those who have covered news for a very long time are saying they are amazed at the speed at which social sentiment/support has moved in support for justice for Blacks. Similar to the relatively quick change in feeling about sexual orientation.

      • Wow, interesting. I will have to ponder this because I can see how a Black person would see this happening after so many years of fighting for and dreaming of a just world. As a white woman I see small incremental change in social values that people with power and different values try to erode – sometime successfully and sometimes not. When I was a mental therapist I would see people return to therapy because something triggered old issues to resurface but the issues were qualitatively different because of earlier mental/emotional changes that had taken place. I wonder if this same process applies to society.

      • When I read James Baldwin’s essays, it seem little if anything has changed… incremental changes toward freedom seem more as necessary compromises…which are later rescinded…sometime we must discuss my experiences in higher education where I spent almost all my adult life.

      • The black experience is definitely quantitatively and qualitatively different than the white female’s. Especially for the black, the changes have been cosmetic – not much change in the souls of people. A long, long time ago I took the Implicit Bias survey run on-line by Harvard. I was surprised that I had a distinct bias towards whites and men, but it also made me realize how strong socialization is. If you aren’t aware of it, here is the link.

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