spring #2…

i watched a bee
moving with such precision
implied dedication
flower to flower
an office worker
processing forms
as this
busy bee
finished his sortie
a bee catcher
finished him


2 thoughts on “spring #2…

  1. Dear Dr. Martin,
    It’s so interesting to “find” you. I thought of you today but you don’t remember me. Why would you? I was a student in your Advanced Articulation (i think that is what it was called) class at Ball State University some time in the late ’80’s. I just duckduckgoed your name and found you’re a poet! I also saw your twitter and retweeted something you’d posted. I am bern2020bern on twitter. Now I will get to you know you through your poems. I was a quiet SLP student so it’s unlikely you would remember me even if I put my full name here. I also like to write and you are inspiring me without even trying to get back into it.

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