7 thoughts on “progressive…

  1. lovely words and very true, we are terminal from birth!
    I just got your book in the mail today and am just loving it! I have read it all twice now and just wanted to mention three pieces in particular. Page 15 is really me!! I dance to my inner music all the time, maybe that is why I don’t quite fit in anywhere! But its ok, I love being alone! Page 20/21, so moving and true. Just love the last few lines, we do kill with our young but now, today, I am so excited to see all these young people standing up for their rights to safe schools. They have the energy to get this done! Just like our generation when we were young standing up against the Vietnam war. It took a while, but it finally worked, God bless all those young people we lost back then and all we are losing now. Page 35, I don’t know which it is, “picking the apple or failing to plant its seeds” . That is a wonderful line and opens a million thoughts, really like this one. It is a great book! I will read and re-read to really appreciate all your words. Thank you. 😊

    • I am so pleased that you’re enjoying my poems…that particular hawk seemed to get use to me pointing my camera at him…and would ignore me…letting me get close enough to get a few good photos.

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