presidential shared guilt absurdity…

we’ve heard this before
like victims of rape are blamed
for being women

8 thoughts on “presidential shared guilt absurdity…

  1. Trump is a weapon of mass distraction. As long as he keeps America flipped out about his rants instead of focus on fixing problems, then the US and Israel can do as they please and no one will notice because all the focus is on the Don (mob boss/thug).
    It’s what Hitler and the nazis did, they had all the focus on the “Führer”, who become the ‘father’ and everyone else are ‘children’, it’s a recipe for fascism.
    And while everyone’s attention is on the new “Führer” — Trump, the bankers and war industries will prosper even more while the ‘peasants’ cry: Oh no, another awful tweet from Trump!

    Also, this matter is giving David Duke way too much publicity, and that’s the agenda, like I said: Trump is a weapon of mass distraction.

    The more publicity Trump (Drumpf, is his real name, his grandfather changed the family name), gets for rants, the more things get worse for American; it’s a rat in a cage scenario.

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