6 thoughts on “angels in the architecture…

  1. My greatest peace comes when we commune outside in all the beauty that He has created, nature can bring such wonderful tranquility. Find it sad if those inside the building have truly left him outside their hearts.

  2. Nice. FYI – I wrote a piece with this title in 2004. It’s in my second book “Armor of Innocence”. Cheers.

    Angel’s in the Architecture

    On the way back from
    Yuri’s Night
    the annual Rave
    the Soviet cosmonaut
    we met a girl in passing
    dressed like an angel
    with the full length
    white feathery wings
    of an angel
    she was just going to the Rave
    and we
    being old men
    were leaving
    but when my friend
    remarked to the minx
    that she was an angel
    she stopped, faced us
    and flipped a hidden switch
    which caused her wings
    to light up in a dozen multi-colored diodes.
    Next year we’ll go late
    and stay later
    in order to experience
    the spectacle
    of youth,
    the ultimate aphrodisiac.

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