star light…


i surprised
aunt bea
when I stopped by
having told her
i would be out
with friends
when she inquired
as to why
i wasn’t out
i said
i’ve been feeling
a bit blue
about the past
just some
i had made
aunt bea
those things
a million miles
from today
no more
from a distant star
that has died
gotta learn
to celebrate
those friends
who share
the path
you walk

12 thoughts on “star light…

  1. once again I agree! BTW Charlie, as my mails bounce back to me when I write to you I had to get a permission from you, do you remember the interview(s) you gave me? Can I use them in Agnishatdal and Indie Adda (the magazine and the facebook and wp sites)? pleeeeeez????

    • Of course my friend you can use them…I will even write a poem or two for you if you think it is appropriate given your audience…let me know…and I’ll try to write something special for you.

  2. Love this, Aunt Bea speaks truth about celebrating today. I can’t help but wonder if we have failed to share our life with some because we did not invite them into our lives. Who knows how many losses?

  3. Exactly, once again, Aunt Bea knows.
    Although, grieving, remorse, sadness, etc., have their place too, however, it’s best to do as Aunt Bea says.

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