these chicago streets
are nothing but a war zone
best not take the train

best not take the train
death’s refrain sang all along
these chicago streets

these chicago streets
flow with innocent blood so
best not take the train

8 thoughts on “472…

      • It was a sarcastic commentary about society to go along with what Charlie wrote, not to take away from what he said; and there is no safe place, I think this poem address that, if one can’t go on the subway, it says that humans are dangerous everywhere.

        How to stay safe? I take martial arts classes, I do believe it helps because there is less fear showing in the body when there is confidence and predators generally pick on weaker people — but when it comes to guns, it doesn’t make a difference, only when a person is physically attacked does it make some difference.

      • One more thing for staying safe: I take an alarm with me that is so loud it sounds louder than an ambulance, however, it’s tiny and also has a small, but very strong flashlight in it. There is a string to pull that sets the alarm off, I find it very helpful and did have to use it once, the predator ran away as quick lightening.

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