8 thoughts on “a cause of war…

  1. I’m stunned by this one and deeply sorrowful.
    False religion aka Babylon the Great has earned the reputation for being greedy and bloodguilty. However, to attack the Bible seems like you’ve missed the point of…. Well, everything.

    You know very well that Satan the Devil didn’t inspire the Bible. It is too clean, too orderly and accurate with prophecy.

    I see another person victimized by the chaos caused by the world empire of false religion. I see another person trying to score points on a blog by writing controversial words. Had their sins not been so heinous your poem would read differently.

    I smiled and said
    I’m sure glad they were inspired
    To clearly define the identity of
    The one true God.

  2. I’ve stressed over the comment I left a few days ago because it was a rather emotional one. Offence was taken so quickly, followed by sadness. I suppose when I read it, it seemed out of place from the other poems. I guess I’ve returned to say that if I have offended you on your own blog I am sorry.

    Please let me explain why I say that true religion is not the problem but those who abuse it are.
    Say that a family is kidnapped. The parents are told that if they scream they’ll kill the kids. The kids are told, if you scream I’ll kill your sister. What is it that keeps the family obedient to their captors? Is it not love? So should we say that love is the offender? Is it not clear that offenders know exactly what to use to get what they want from their captives? The misuse of the most basic of human emotion is used to isolate, control and murder us. Does this mean we should stop loving one another because many are misusing love, or should action be taken against the abusers?

    What’s been done is deplorable. It boggles the mind how mankind comes up with ways to kill one another. But I have hope, dear poet, that there is an end to this madness.

    Faith Magdalene Austin
    Sundrip Journals

    • My dear friend, no offence was taken…as a poet I write to represent many voices…for as James Baldwin said “as long as the water is troubled it cannot become stagnant.”

  3. I know water, as I am an aquarist.

    As long as the water is troubled there is oxygen
    and life breathes.
    it advances by leaps and bounds. 🙂

    I appreciate your understanding.

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