the eyes of the master…

eyes of the master

slave’s eyeballs
plucked out
his master’s eyes
each time
he passes a mirror
he sees
a less
than human
worthless man
to stand
to speak
in tones
of freedom
walk upright
with pride
but rather
with a stride
as if
his master’s

5 thoughts on “the eyes of the master…

  1. All humans are enslaved by bankers, they own everything, mind control everyone, and the odd thing is that they don’t seem to care that their policies have brought humanity and most other life forms — on this amazing planet — to the edge of extinction. How long do we have left is the only unanswered question, it can be any time, even very soon, the recklessness and greed of the bankers is beyond comprehension.

  2. A powerful post, Charles. It is so easy to blame the victim for problems caused by forces we cannot see or understand without getting to know them personally. Maybe even walk in their shoes for a few years.

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