street people…

street people

the discarded souls
living off the discarded
tin can at your feet

8 thoughts on “street people…

  1. So many homeless while others scream for trans gender bathrooms (it takes an enormous amount of money to have surgerys and daily steroid hormone injections to change gender, only people with money and/or healthcare that pays for that service can afford it), not to say they don’t have the right to their views and wants, however, when there is homelessness, child slave labour, war torn children, displaced people by the millions due to wars and climate change, etc., it does seem rather strange that the trans gender bathroom issue should be headlining the news.

  2. I have always admired that you care so much for those who have been persecuted, or displaced and reading much of your work I see that theme strong in your psyche and writing, and it speaks of the person you must be. I admire that, as many cannot write outside of themselves but you so adroitly do, and it brings the themes we should all consider more often, to the forefront and to our minds

      • We are fortunate here in WP to know a number of great writers, you among them. and I am very glad to know you all because you help me to improve and work more, and we support each other. It is such a positive experience over say, the FB world that is fake.

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