head lice…

head lice

aunt bea
your cousin
stopped by today
she was promoting
the need for
to be
in resolving
world refugee problems
she said
we all need to ask ourselves
what can
have we done
to address
this pervasive problem
bernice suggested
world leaders
shouldn’t be held
solely responsible
i said to her
this isn’t a case
head lice
in public schools
each parent
must step forward
take action
because of
a war
world governments
personal contacts
the kind
you’re suggesting
may only spread
the disease
of hate
from one scalp
to the next
cure it

8 thoughts on “head lice…

  1. I want to believe I could do something to help the refugees, but Aunt Bea is correct. The only way that problem will be fixed is when the Middle East decides it is tired of war and violence. I sure hope it comes soon because too many people are suffering because of the hatred of a few.

  2. The governments and the corporations with whom they have a symbiosis are the headlice. We spread them by the million million million little complicities we allow ourselves to do every day – we may say ‘Not in MY name’, but we let them do it anyway, we participate meekly in the way of life they allow and encourage, instead of thinking and acting for ourselves. The greatest Greek philosophers, the most noble Romans, the medieval saints, for all the good they did, for all the depth of their thoughts, acquiesced in slave- and serf-states. We acquiesce in a world-wide hegemony. It’s no good blaming ‘the Middle East’ for not being ‘tired of war and violence’ – the people of that wide and devastated region are locked into a perpetual downward spiral that can be traced back to Western foreign policies of the past, and are constantly exacerbated by Western foreign and military policies of our own era, as much as to their own propensities.

  3. a head lice metaphor – makes me itchy just thinking about it (ps. I’ve been a bit quite on the blogging front because hubby had a heart attack – he is recuperating and should be fine, has to make changes to diet and stop smoking) – been hectic around here.

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