while sorting the laundry…

while sorting laundry

these old jeans
have lived
quite a life
the telltale signs
are almost everywhere
i’ll point out
a few
just in case
you’re one of those
sees beauty
in everything
i must admit
one thing
straight out
they seem
a bit stretched out
around the waist
the knees
are almost worn
sure they’ll
hold up much longer
pretty certain
in their current condition
the cold is
very bothersome
oh and
there’s that
around the hips
seems to suggest
replacement on
at least one side
maybe both
heaven knows
the seams
have been drug
through all kinds
of nasty conditions
their still in place
through scars
are visible
all those dangling threads
unfinished conversations
three of the belt loops
have pulled free
are unable to hold anything
guess more than
the truth
will set you free
a well honed lie
can do the same
i’m certain
that even without
my help
you’ve noticed the paint stains
lots of jobs
hard work
have left their marks
on this canvas of life
that dried blood
was from an accident
that’s a long story
these jeans
need to be washed
before tomorrow morning
these new stains
might set

6 thoughts on “while sorting the laundry…

  1. Thanks for liking the comment I made over @ Sharmishtha Basu’s webpage. re your own writing and webpage… I am impressed… nearly stunned to a point of being beyond words…. but not to worry… I’ll make a quick recovery for I love words. But enough about me. From what I’m seeing re the sophistication of your poetry… you love words, too (btw… it’s so great to hear you speak them on your podcast, too!) Specifically, your “While sorting the laundry” verses… your metaphor between blue jeans / human genes… this is a work of a literary genius. Both our genes and jeans define who we are… while on the road of life both get stained and go through the wringer… and in time, regrettable but true, both age and wear out. I’ll be both following you and clicking your LIKE star.

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