house call…

house call

i was surprised
to see the brown bag prophet
standing on a corner
near a downtown
store front church
he has
those folks
firmly believe that
starts at home
their home
always adding
that they can
keep up their payments
on the american dream
let alone
help someone
in need
his previous position statements
warranted my asking
why he was there
he said
there’s a scheduled
presidential political rally
in the park
across the street
i’m here
to fight cancer
the cancer
of racism
which is endemic
in america
has been ignored
untreated for centuries
the very body
of this nation
is rotting away
the current crop
of candidates
are festering sores
of that racism
i’m certain
that my presence
won’t cure it
irritate the hell out
of those unwilling
to treat it

8 thoughts on “house call…

  1. The blatant ignorance of Trump seems to be giving the bigots and racists in this country permission to come out .. like you said as the “blistering sores” that they are… I hate this about our country, makes me sick to think there is still so much of it around… every color is beautiful, we are all one in the eyes of the creator, even idiots like Trump…. love your writing. thank you. Michelle

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