in the police log
17 hundred hours
home invasion
woman raped
should prehaps read

8 thoughts on “faceless…

  1. Unnamed City, Unnamed University, Unnamed Victim

    She lies back, angel wings spread, feet flat, but
    arched back allowing head to inhabit old-school gas
    oven. Mouth open, nostrils flared, deep inhale is more
    than photo-op, it’s real, she’s forever shamed her family
    by laying drunk as 18 fellow classmen raped her. Every
    person in this town knows what happened, but she is the
    one who must take her life to balance family sadness, apply
    guilt to those who just avoided jail time conventionally.
    Here, where rules so outdated they make the Catholics
    look hip, her family will not pursue the raging animals
    who committed this atrocity, instead they’ll be consoled
    by funeral guests, and their money. According to the
    Confucian beliefs (held more dear in Korea than China
    these days by a long shot) it would be harder for her
    family to go on if she was alive to tell the story.
    You don’t have to cry about this, many already have.
    These “men” walk free to start university life, having
    completed “Membership Training,” the custom in which
    families pay extra for weekend retreats and the school
    sanctions and organizes: alcohol, food, pajamas, rape?

  2. Funny, it’s the opposite of how the Weather Channel personifies storms. It unpersonifies actual people. Why must we work so hard to make inanimate human on one hand and dehumanize real persons on the other?

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