fatally shot…

fatally shot

the prey lie bleeding
a proud foot rest on its back
another black child

another black child
hunted down like a wild beast
the prey lie bleeding

the prey lie bleeding
so a mother must bury
another black child

7 thoughts on “fatally shot…

  1. It is beyond belief that this pattern of police behaviour is so entrenched, institutionalised in the States, Charles. How do we stop this criminal taking of black lives? What underlies this racism? How can it be changed?

  2. Oh my God, my heart bleeds for all of us whenever these things happen, I can not understand any of it. I recently had a relationship (which didn’t work out, 😦 with a man of color and I just can not image anyone harming him because of his skin color, it is so bizarre… I can see kicking his butt cause he was a jerk but that had nothing to do with his color! 🙂 not meaning to make light of your post… It is so frustrating to see these things happening and not knowing what to do expect to continent to express my outrage and keep all in my prayers… love and peace to you. Michelle

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