the dark ages…

the dark ages

the stones
laid by
the founding fathers
have been torn
from freedom
and used
to construct
ragged shacks
of political
corporate avarice
the once
of religious tolerance
have been ransacked
their treasures
for a golden calf
of ignorance
by life’s
of existence
who long
to use
the blood
of innocent children
in their communion
as they
the gods
of a dying planet

12 thoughts on “the dark ages…

  1. I have not seen freedom, only debt, patriarchy and slavery in one form or another; these stones laid were never for freedom, they were laid by racists and patriarchal pompous idiots.

    The “golden calf” is the great Goodess ISIS, who has been turned into a code name for: Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (Mosaad) and recently, by those head chopping freaks trained by America and Mossad.

    The only God that these freaks all worship is money and the patriarchy: the original sin is patriarchy, all other sins are born from that power over division, which is also handy for chopping up the Goddes into a bunch of names and sexualizing Her.

    Perhaps that’s the problem, people are worshipping gods instead of the life principle which is Love.
    Religious tolerance? When did that exist? There are no good old days, it’s the past (along with the present) that has brought the earth to the brink of destruction.

    • Charlie, scrap this entire comment (above comment and this one too), I’m overly fed up with the system as it is, I don’t want to comment about it after all, it’s just that your poem got me thinking about the lack of any freedom ever.

  2. very moving. I feel sometimes aftger listening to the media coverage of the current politics and treads they say are.. trending, that we are going backwards as a society. it is unsettling until I remind myself that what the media portrays is most often far from the truth. i believe the truth is in the people, the energy I feel running through the world, i believe a positive change is taking place and we will all feel it soon, a new awakening! love your work, thank you. 🙂 Michelle

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