philandering fools…

philandering fools

the brown bag prophet
looked a little dazed
as he began
his one-sided conversation
with me
he said
did i wake up
on the wrong side
of the atlantic
i mean
this is the land
of the free
home of
the moral majority
the place where
jimmy carter was
chastised for
lusting in his heart
the same locale
some presidents
lusted more than
with their hearts
were still deemed
moral enough
the pursuit
of happiness
has a variable definition
depending upon whose
bible you’re looking at
oh and
ain’t this the place
where military sacrifice
honorable service
is respected
so explain
to me
donald trump

8 thoughts on “philandering fools…

  1. I’ll explain

    To the brown bag prophet

    The phenomenon

    That is

    Donald Trump

    when the prophet


    to me

    the notion of

    the atlantic

    having a right side

    and a wrong side,

    how it is that the prophet


    right from left

    or is it right from wrong,

    why a one-sided conversation

    is anything

    but simple rambling,

    why the land of the free

    has so many regulations, laws, rules

    and punishments, or

    when morality acquired a modifier,

    or perhaps the prophet

    could look at lust in terms of rights versus responsibilities

    and explain

    how pursuit of happiness


    man, office, nation


    and what bearing it has

    on the need honor, military

    or the sacrifice of the guilty

    and the loss

    of innocence and of the innocent

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