greasy pole climbing…

greasy pole climbing

it is
a most
barbaric custom
with surgical precision
clear legal threads
seal the lips
of the impoverished
no sounds
of pain
can be heard
the rhetoric
of equal opportunity
cultural diversity
oh there is

7 thoughts on “greasy pole climbing…

  1. The more the politicians mess with this mess, the worse it gets. I live in Chicagoland. They tax the heck out of us, but then spend the $$ on chartered planes for 1 occupant from Springfield to Chicago, fancy suv’s and jeeps that the taxpayers are saddled with leasing for them AND their children. When the monies run short, they don’t paid the nurse’s aids (who get about $10 per hour) but they give themselves raises and perks and double and triple pensions. Then get voted in again by promising more to the poor they’ve just ripped off through camera lights (that they shorten the yellow light time in order to rip off more poor with $100.00 tickets) They get voted in again by throwing financial blame on everyone except their refusal to make a budget and refusal to face up to their many financial mistakes. I have a sister who lives in Minnesota and receives excellent mental health services, while here I pay 4 times as much in property taxes and they’ve cut mental health services to the poor to nearly nothing. Democrat or Republican, it’s time they step up to the plate and admit that they haven’t a clue into how to manage all the tax revenues they receive and then turn around and squander!.

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