leafing through my high school yearbook…

leafing through my high school yearbook

moral guidance
always seems
to revolve
the saying
it’s the right thing to do
i’ve begun
to wonder
from whom
they’ve formulated
the foundation
such counsel
or not
good advice
to be linked
to that thing
the meek
inheriting the earth
have you
the condition of the earth
it’s like
being bequeathed
an old rusted-out peugeot
are you going
to go
in that thing
are you going
to do
with a dead

9 thoughts on “leafing through my high school yearbook…

      • It seems to divide folk into two very different camps. Personally I’m not attracted either extreme and Mr Lash himself goes a little OTT at times and also seems to have a personal axe to grind. However I think a lot of his critique of”Western” culture will get your head nodding (metaphorically at least 🙂 )

        DISCLAIMER: I am only partway through at present.

        Another book you will likely enjoy is “Jennifer Government” by Max Berry (no relation to Chuck): a delightfully black humoured dyspepsia novel which neatly guts neoliberalism and the “free” market. This one I’ve read to completion and have been recommending to all and sundry, Even sent it as birthday gift in one case.

  1. Exactly, I often think about the irony of how we are watching via technology the end of humanity and the earth’s ability to sustain hardly any life forms. As well, it can be seen without technology, outside there is smoke so thick, it’s hard to breathe, ash on everything, new wildfires daily, on top of the hundreds already burning…

  2. yup, it’s not looking too good this inheritance for the kiddliewinks! I don’t understand humans very much – we are more likely to colonise another planet than fix this one (which is definitely the wrong way around) – great poem Charles

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