tin soldiers…

tin soldiers

they’ve dusted off
their black boots
lives matter
no more now
than before
it’s a cultural thing
over others
makes the lowest
of life’s forms
better than
the corpses
at their feet
they know
they’re not
as good
the real
for their hate
the fear
those oppressed
will finally
it out

10 thoughts on “tin soldiers…

  1. The thing that strikes me about cops and soldiers is that they carry thier weapons in such a phalic looking way, as can be seen by the pic, also, rapists don’t rape for sexual pleasure, they rape for power over; it’s society — peddling patriarchal depravity, that is the root cause.
    …for there to be equality, first step is to exile patriarchal values and collectively choose the feminine principle of equality, justice, peace and truth.

  2. Something happens when you give too much power to some armed persons and tell them that everyone must obey and submit to them. Unfortunately they are poorly trained, poorly prepared, and poorly make horrible decisions. Thank goodness for cameras, phones, and pictures- some of the dangerous immoral ones are now exposed. However, not all are bad, and this must be remembered too. Some are wonderful who can we call when a prowler is about, a child missing, or there is a gunshot in the distance.

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