expelled and banished tribal members…

expelled and banished tribal members

dear marie
having listened
to several hours
come-to-jesus talk
to her employer
now let’s say
i die
gain entry
into heaven
your holy church
changes its rules
do i
get to stay
am i
on my way

9 thoughts on “expelled and banished tribal members…

  1. There’s a joke: a young man died and was at the pearly gates, Saint Peter let hint into heaven with one warning — “be very quiet when you pass the blue curtain.” The young man asked, “Why, and what’s with the blue curtain?” Saint Peter replied, “It’s where the Catolics are, and the reason for the blue curtain, is due to the fact that they think they are the only ones who make it into heaven.”

    btw, this joke was told to me by a Catholic nun! so I am not being selective in my sarcasm of organized religions by telling a joke about Catholics!

  2. This is wonderful, Charles. If only we knew the truth. I stop myself from judging other’s character flaws because I’m not sure I am seeing the truth clearly. If I don’t make it to heaven, I want to be able to stand outside to see who gets in. I will probably have some surprises.

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