8 thoughts on “bon appetit…

  1. …unless the children are Western, or European, white and blue eyed.
    Mind you, if the children are Russion, white and blue eyed, they will not have the same privileges as other white, blue eyed children: the Israeli regime has a scam going where upon they tell the children they are going to make them a famous model (they have agents that travel to Russia to do this evil deed) and the parents and child are thrilled for their ‘beautiful’ blonde, blue eyed, white child to become famous and rich and so they and the child cooperate with the Jewish mafia from the Israeli regime and the child leaves, only to find out, their parents never find out btw, that the child has been taken to the Israeli regime where they are forced to be slaves for life, ….the Israeli regime does not follow international law — the demons follow Old Testament law, that being, ….’Genitles’ (cattle is the real name of that word, this has been written of extensively by famous Jewish writers’ who have left the tribe due to its inherent racism — that being — the delusion that Jews are the only ‘humans’ (thus ‘chosen’) the rest of us are made defective in order to serve the Jews (the reason for the term Gentile/cattle), therefore, according to the flawed logic of the Israeli regime, slavery is not illegal nor immoral, Gentiles were created for that purpose, actually, they don’t think that they are practicing slavery, they think that they are using their cattle as they wish, the blond, blue eyed white children are used as sexual slaves, locked in houses with bars on the windows and locks on the doors, not given any pay and made to work all hours, often beaten and used for S&M too, once the children grow up and are not wanted for sexual slavery, they are forced to clean homes of Jews, babysit their children, etc.

    If anyone wants — who may read this, I have many, many links to show that I am not on an anti-Semitic bender, that this is in fact, how it is, a horrific reality, little known about, all that is changing, though, the word is getting out due to the Internet and the books that are out written by PhD carrying Jews, if that’s a term, PhD carrying, perhaps I made up the term, they do have PhDs, however, maybe I’m making up the term PhD carrying, I don’t know, perhaps it’s my disgust at the dirty little secret that the Israeli regime is pulling off, that being: slavery.

    I’m on a stinky little iSlave/pad, so if the spelling is not correct, so be it, the tacky thing is programmed to change words if the software thinks it should be different than one spells the words.

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