7 thoughts on “itinerant thoughts on an empty page#15…

  1. Another great haiku! How are you, Charlie? I’m sorry to have been gone for so long.

    And just in case you’re interested. This summer I’m going on two-month RV trip with my nearing-ninety Godmother and her cat Pepe le Mew. I leave for the US in a week. The RV is huge, 37-feet. My Godmother will be driving and towing an SUV the entire way. She was a Flamenco dancer during her entire professional life. I’m going to try to blog about our trip and write a book about the 64 beautiful years she and my Godfather, a Venezuelan movie star (I kid you not!), were married, until Raul died last fall one month shy of his 97th birthday.

    Hope all is well in your neck of California! Ecuador continues to treat Sara and me well.

  2. Hmm… this is puzzling, because there is only the now, however, people don’t live in the now, so maybe you are saying/or showing –the way to live in the now.

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