news at nine…

news at nine

fragmented images
of human tragedies
layered between
ads on the latest toothpaste
movies on earthquake disasters
news carefully filtered
to leave you with
a sweet taste
in you mouth
nothing too pungent
since such things
bring down the ratings
is to be
talked about
for if seen
it brings to doubt
human invincibility
why buy a product
if you think
you’re going to die
before the
best-used-by date

3 thoughts on “news at nine…

  1. I don’t even waste my time watching the news anymore, it’s so biased and filtered, I can’t stand it. I continue to get my news from the Daily Show!! lol only news worth watching! and striking thoughtful poem Charles. watching the horror going on around the world, and then we get a stupid commercial about TP, when in some countries they don’t even have toilets, just makes me want to scream too!!

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