ordination from a large number…

ordination from a large number

having found insanity
as the only option
the trappings
of middle class america
were place on auction
those items not sold
were stuffed
into trash bins
along with
a number
of neglected dreams
the sale proceeds
the cold cash
were hidden
in a new lula lu petite bra
as part
of his new identity
wearing a sleeveless silk blouse
embroidered with the words
westboro baptist church is where god puts his enema
in scripture-like letters
the same color
as his nail polish
hot heavenly pink
and although
he didn’t drink
he carried a brown paper bag
twisted tight to hide
the gatorade inside
he didn’t want to lose
social rejection
by not complying
with previously defined
standards of behavior
as he boarded the charted jet
he wondered
how he’d be received
at his class reunion
always hard to tell about
those small town farm folks
he guessed
it depended on
whether or not
they had their
evening toke or not
regardless he felt compelled
to venture home
one more time
his immersion into
the full political life
of washington

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