dragon slayer…

dragon slayer

it was
i’m told
during mid-day
when she
a child
of three or four
did rise up
begin a quest
to slay a dragon
she would have wandered far
to foreign lands
but for the howling
of the family cat
alerting the gatekeeper
that she was venturing
from the castle walls
he could not believe his eyes
how precisely
she hurled a stone
with his touch
the spell of sleep
was broken
and she began
to speak of the dragon
she had sought
and inquire
about her favorite cat
to which her father
did reply
he’d left no doubt
to seek revenge
a dragon
or two

7 thoughts on “dragon slayer…

  1. that should be in a child’s story book!!! and I love the double entendres!! you’re so good at them!

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