a thank-you note to riverside county….

a thank you note to riverside county

the developments
you’ve approved
home after home
to assure
no doubt
the welfare
of your
retirement accounts
has left
our welfare
a bit dicey
oh sure
the lack of bike lanes
near schools
might be a reasonable
to offer developers
when you live
miles away
for those humans
sending their children
to schools
along busy roadways
it ‘s
let’s just say
and there’s
that claim
no environmental harm
that one
the pack
wants me
to thank you for
our dying of starvation
has been
a real blessing
that numbing
brought on by starvation
our traffic fatalities
less painful
for your
economic consideration
of the

6 thoughts on “a thank-you note to riverside county….

  1. The impact of corridors and the intersection of corridors in a mixed species environment is something important to consider. How do deer, bobcat and snail work it out?

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