life as a gargoyle…

life as a gargoyle

life is quite routine
consumes most
of the day
one form
our exterior demeanor
appears the same
we are quite
the inside
but because there’s
a certain expectation
from society
about our appearance
we maintain a specific posture
you might
it’s chiseled into us
sorry for that
lapse into
demonic humor
any way
as i was saying
life is down right boring
hanging out in cities
an occasional gig
at a village church
things just seem to go on forever
then you begin to realize
that acid rain
other environmental hazards
those damn pigeons
don’t help matters
are beginning to eat away at you
you begin to realize
that such things
are creating
a terminal condition
is not infinite
you are
as we say

11 thoughts on “life as a gargoyle…

  1. Like this, Charles. I am finding that I am becoming more sensitive, and at the same time wanting to pull in the wagons into a tighter and smaller circle. I watch very little news now – and when I do watch it I feel myself hardening.

  2. personally I think we are all gargoyles …. hard as stone, no feeling, and frozen in our own little selfish world. We don’t deserve to be called human, as it comes from the word humane.. and we have not qualified for that since time began. cool poem tho! 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on Sean Bidd and commented:
    Going on a bit of a tour today and here’s the second stop off moment, with some more poetry and audio. Sometime we forget we can get around just as well as the pigeons.

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