as you wish upon a star…

as you wish upon a star

for every wish
a star
must die
all things
a cost
will always
the loss
upon a star’s death
the heavens mourn
shedding tears
call it rain
the mourners’ tears
for their pain
brings the rain
that breaths life
into fields
of grain

8 thoughts on “as you wish upon a star…

  1. Wow, that is sad… with every wish granted a star dies 😦 but the end shows the cycle of birth and death that applies to everything so… really loved this, great writing! love and light, Michelle

  2. that’s a sad idea that they die when we wish on them… I would never have thought of that… I like it tho.. makes me think for a change. 🙂

  3. 😦 I didn’t know stars die ever ytime you make a wish! now i’ve killed lots of stars already… ooooohMy! 😦
    It makes me think that upon every given situation there is always a price to pay…
    Great write! 🙂

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