no translation necessary…

no tranlastion necessary

aunt bea
asked me
to take her
to home depot
for a couple of rugs
in the parking lot
as we left
a woman approached her
asked if she need
a house to rent
aunt bea
the woman proceeded
to tell her
why she had
to rent her beautiful home
she spoken
with a heavy
spanish accent
very rapid
something about her son
bad marriage
unconcerned judge
jail time
seemed like
her entire life story
in forty-five minutes
as she spoke
now and then
she’d switch to spanish
and then
back to english
patting on her heart
as she spoke
they parted as friends
as we drove home
i asked aunt bea
if she spoke spanish
how much she understood
of the conversation
aunt bea said
i don’t speak spanish
i didn’t understand
much at all
other than
she was in deep pain
like all of us
just needed
to listen

13 thoughts on “no translation necessary…

  1. I regret the software will only allow me to like this once instead of the approx 92883736684576 “Likes” it deserves … and that’s probably on the low side.

  2. i’m glad she took the time to listen… and not so important that she couldn’t understand the language… the heart is what counts – and the time…

  3. lovely, and so true, we all need someone to listen, even if they don’t understand. and we all recognize the look of pain in each other, we are all the same, no matter what our language. love your writing, thank you. Michelle

  4. So true. So sad. My grandmother used to sit on the front stoop with her neighbor. They would hold hands and have long discussions: my grandmother speaking only Arabic and her neighbor speaking only Italian. They didn’t share a language but they did share understanding and compassion. Just what these two poor, hard-working immigrant ladies needed; and, watching this, their grandchildren learned something about the importance of listening. Thanks for this poem, Charlie.

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