i have it on good authority…

i have it on good authority

ask any
proper adult
they will assure you
that the last dragon
died years ago
any child
who knows
words to speak
whose eyes
have searched the clouds
and you will hear
quite a different story
you will hear of
dragons galore
in every form possible
doing things forbidden
i’ve heard
on sundays
that is quite
a different matter
my point being
dragons are
as they say
among us
their rediscovery
removing the veil
of mature reality
reclaiming thoughts
of youth
and only then
can you see
the dragons
whose fiery breaths
light up the skies

8 thoughts on “i have it on good authority…

  1. sometimes we see better when we are children! have you seen how instinctively small kids (who cant be manipulated by adults) warm up to and shun people contrary to the views of adults about those?

  2. Seeing life through the eyes of a child is refreshing, uplifting and usually brings a smile. I teach 4 and 5 year olds every week and have found that they, like Aunt Bea, make me smile.

  3. Not all breath fire, here today, a dragon breathes on a cold south-west approach. Perhaps they summered in Antarctica and are now searching for the winter tropics.

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