wars as anti-darwinian events…

by Ever Fonseca.

by Ever Fonseca.

the rules of nature
are broken
when the weakest
in society
send the strongest
to be sacrificed

the strongest are
fattened lambs
feed frantic calls
for freedom
rancid religious rhetoric

the lambs
are placed upon an altar
tied down with tradition
then bled
spirit for life
the weakest
feed off their blood
turning away
from the light
of truth

they realize
they’ve broken
not only
a moral code
have distorted
darwin’s rules
of the fittest

but when
a political platitude
an election day ploy
such things
do not matter

4 thoughts on “wars as anti-darwinian events…

  1. I share your sentiments Charlie, same has happened in my state, Bengal, the best of her children were slaughtered in war of independence and naxalite movement- those were the idealist lot, now we, the leftovers are destroying her past heritage! where are tagores and boses of Bengal??

  2. Often the terms of war, seem seem to filter throughout everyday speak, business, sport, walking to the shop, in a field, or through a forest, jungle, up a mountain. Can humanity not turn their thoughts from being over consistent such mono descriptives’; why is everything a battle or a fight? Political Indoctrination and it’s consumption seem to erase the balance sheet to Darwin’s rules, What an expense and it’s unsustainable?

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