just can’t see the light of day…

just can't see the light of day

been singing
all night long
i thought
it was cuz’
the moon’s so bright
even when
there ain’t
no light
he keeps singing
the same
damn refrains
you’d think
he’d learn
all the other birds
are in bed
that said
i can’t
just look
how we vote
each time
we get a chance

6 thoughts on “just can’t see the light of day…

  1. very true and mock those who don’t, I don’t vote because I don’t think any Indian politician is worthy of being voted, and you should see/read every crook in country chanting the “nobility of casting votes”… so…

  2. Oh, yes. We’ve just had a state election here and the party I voted for last time was no longer even on the ballot paper – just all the usual suspects.

  3. Funny, except for the Mockingbird singing all night. I had one sing outside my bedroom window one night. The first ten minutes were pretty – then I began to think of evil ways to get rid of him. He continued for two hours.

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