17 thoughts on “if given an option…

  1. I like this one Charlie, I suppose because that is how I feel. I know we are only at the graveside for those left behind, but most important to me is those who are there for you long after the graveside. For me I was in a fog, daze, for almost 6 months after my husband died, I cannot remember ver much about any of the funeral, who was there, or the time after, but I know I am grateful for those who still support me now. A smile or hug here on earth is the very best.

  2. Charlie, I have asked it before in my blog, via emails but did not get the answer, I have sent you two of my books (pdf/doc) files but they got bounced back to me, saying the server is not responding. I twice tried, then repeated the process from Hotmail too with same result, you know why?

  3. I look at it this way – whatever happens after I die will be in order to give closure for the people I love. I have no preference except that they take care of themselves.

  4. it bounced back Charlie, I tried sending it, you are right, the size is quite big, almost 2MB, I will try to zip it and send it.

    thanks for editing the hawk pic, my antivirus software has downloaded it in some invisible folder I will have to find it out!

  5. That’s what eulogies are for: saying all the good stuff you didn’t say while the decedent was alive because you thought you both had all the time in the world.

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