my feets are tired…

my feets are tired

seems like
i’ve been walking
for a month
of sundays
walking down south

gives a whole new definition
down here
the view hasn’t changed
black children
go to
all black
public schools
go to
all white
private schools
hate here
is as thick
as spanish moss
it not only
blocks out
the light of day
the soul
the tree
it’s hanging on

7 thoughts on “my feets are tired…

  1. Oh my goodness, that tears at my heart so much…. I love a man of color and to think of how he was treated as a child in the deep south clouds my heart and confuses my can this still be… how could it ever have been… sad but beautiful written as are all your poems. I look forward to ready more…

  2. wow … powerful images … hate as thick as Spanish moss. Made all the more powerful because, sadly, in 2015, the hate still lives on … and, sadly, the hate seems to have spread.

    beautiful poem … as always!

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