usda approved….

usda approved...

at closing time
i saw
the brown bag prophet
the public library
he said
being homeless
affords one
an opportunity
to continue
your education
learn new things
for example
all these years
i thought i was
i was
little did i know
that i was
food insecure
are you
listening to me
food insecure
sounds like
some damn
clinical condition
that can be cured
by providing
a couple of counseling sessions
with a counselor
food secure
i’d rather
a warm bath
a hot meal

11 thoughts on “usda approved….

  1. The word play they use is intentional degrading and like a sick lullaby that keeps folks sleeping. At least that’s what I think

  2. I just love your brown bag prophet; and I hate the strange words that bureaucrats and politicians use to describe things that are better described in common English – like Collateral Damage.

  3. Sometimes folks tend to forget to treat the reality of a situation and not just theorize about the situation. I’m looking at you #hashtagactivism. As a former homeless person, his really brings back that feeling of just wanting a warm bed for the night and full belly, not wanting something as intangible as being ‘food secure.’

  4. That is a shocking catch phrase the fat cats have come up with, never heard of it before now, I hope it dies from its own mind control stench.

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