i know it’s not my place to say….

i know it's not my place

it’s not
that i’m
of all the protection
you’ve been providing
in iraq
other places
i’ve never
heard of
i was wondering
if you could
send a little
of that foreign aid
my way
oh say
maybe just a percent
or two
of the money
you lost track of
in iraq
it would help
feed and educate
some children
in the neighborhood
the folks
down the street
might be able
to get
their house back
oh and
those damn
medical bills to pay
i know it’s not
as glamorous
as a shiny new bomb
flashy new tank
it sure would help
with the survival
of those
that you say
you’re protecting

5 thoughts on “i know it’s not my place to say….

  1. you know a little will do nice with me too! if they spend a percentage on buying my books and sharing them with their army personnels, that will feed atleast one human being, maybe, I will share the excess with another needy writer ;p

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