a traveler’s tale…


i can see the shore
where many have
travelled before
the waves are larger
as the earth reaches up
to touch the bottom
of my aging craft
when i was further from
these rocky shores
the waves seemed
less troubling
i was more than certain
that i could
around the coral reefs
that can cut deep
into the soul’s flesh
these calloused hands
have grown weak
as time
has emptied from
this vial of existence
i wonder
what lies beyond
is it
an enchanted forest
filled with winged angels
dark damp caves
that rot souls
i need not
i shall soon
find out

7 thoughts on “a traveler’s tale…

  1. I hope it’s not for many years to come! that was an amazing picture, but the poem was truly felt deeply and loved the double entendres…. and I also hope when the time comes you find the angels in the enchanted forest… 🙂

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