for what will it profit a man…

what does it profit a man

in your life
you stood
before all
with a whole soul
you had
to get
with the program
in with the masses
a hit
with the social crowd
so now
you’re searching
a lost

5 thoughts on “for what will it profit a man…

  1. Joining the masses is a dangerous and deadly choice.
    I just came across this horrifying version of Billie Holiday’s song: Strange Fruit
    I’ve heard it many times and have always found it rips my heart to shreds, however, this version tears the entire fabric of one’s being to shreds, and also shows the danger of being “in with the crowd”.

  2. I’m often sad when I watch children – so full of joy, vitality, honesty and caring – knowing that life will eventually dilute much of it. Excellent poem, Charles.

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