stale bread thrown outside
winter lifeline for sparrows
aide chastised for waste

5 thoughts on “obamacare…

  1. Not being an American resident, I just can’t understand Obamacare, it’s so confusing to try and figure it out, I sure have tried to, hmm… I know, I’ll find a http://www.presstv.ir documentary about Obamacare and then I’ll know what the deal is, they have the best news and on the planet.

  2. I have seen the best of healthcare and I have seen the worst. We had a system in No CAL that actually worked quite well until excessive lawsuits broke the system and then money was poured into insurance rather than education and research. Who makes money? the insurance company!

  3. Good evening!

    Happy New Year!

    It’s raining hailstone at my place, strange…..I feel profound that I find the courage to put up another poetry rally, just for those who love poetry and support poetic prompts…

    Poetry picnic week 79 is up, please feel free to join the party today, random poetry is welcome too,

    Thanks in advance.


    Hope to see you in…………

    Sincerely yours,
    Hyde Park Poetry….

    hope all is well, thanks for reading me at times.

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