time bandits…

time bandits

time bandits
with their swift
sleight of hand
wander across
life’s land
stealing precious moments
from each day
without one word
for us to say
it is so stealth
how they take away
our wealth
routine tasks
that seem to last
much longer than
our life oh so
but by the time
we awaken
we see what they
have taken
our youth is gone
before the next dawn

9 thoughts on “time bandits…

  1. oh i know some of those time bandits personally… there are way too many around on an average day…
    have you ever read momo by michael ende? it’s about time thieves as well

  2. Time is changing here, for it has not done so for sometime, but opportunity graced a new diverse wind, though it just took a few months to find what no new year could ever grant.

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