churches – mosques – temples and other bus stops…

churches-mosques-temples and other bus stops

it must be difficult
to maintain
any type of schedule
to siphon off
the slugs
of sins
at every site
of worship
must be
the real reason
so many
must suffer
in this world
too many
ports of call
pots of sin
to empty
no time
to facilitate
could help
that’s why
they worship
in the first place
their responsibility
a greater being
for such things
of course
not considering
how such
a demanding schedule
on a supreme being
might play into
delaying the development
of solutions to
human suffering
seem like
there are just
you can’t write
a check for
like a ticket
to salvation

10 thoughts on “churches – mosques – temples and other bus stops…

  1. That may be the reason that prayers go unheard now! Well, down here, we hindus always eye those quite suspiciously who spend too many hours in temples or holy places unless of-course they are spilling of goodness. Alas! Hindu temples are mostly thronged with sinners looking for redemption not worshippers looking for God.

  2. I read this poem. Then I read “Gentlemen Please Be Seated.” I find tremendous similarity or perhaps connection between both poems. For me the feelings expressed within are so similar. They are very good, very truthful.

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