at the heart of the matter…

at the heart of the matter

the brown bag prophet
i was watching
the football game
over in the mission
dining hall
when i saw
a classic example
of false advertising
there was this group
of military folks
an obviously
frighten family
the recruiting voice
to get to you
they will
whoever in-the-hell
they are
have to
get through us
once again
i was baited into asking
what’s the false
advertising part
he gave me his
and said
in the middle of the circle
should’ve been
a senator
a corporate leader
cheerfully smoking
a cuba cigar

6 thoughts on “at the heart of the matter…

  1. Sadly, I see it every day. From the inside out — no matter how hard I work in this country, I will still be a plebeian, laboring to shore up the patricians, in case of some slight inconvenience to them.

  2. Yeah, and standing beside nuclear weapons, whilst America has an embargo on Iran for just having nuclear energy from a power plant and, has signed the nonnuclear proliferation treaty, whereas, the United States has not.

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