i waited patiently
by the city gates
for your return
after the revolution
you did not
i thought
i saw you
near castro
as he spoke
to us
that evening
many years ago
it was
a mere apparition
all too soon
and all through
the special period
i waited
for you
you did not
even now
as my patience
goes as old
as i
i hold onto hope
that you shall come
to me
sweet dove
of lasting peace

10 thoughts on “waiting…

  1. Yes, the only man who could have truly kept the revolution on target was, the great Che Guevara.

    Indeed, he was a turtle dove, a sweet, loving dove, who gave his life for the holy cause of truth, justice and peace.

  2. What a stunning photo. Do you have connections to Cuba? When walls have fallen around the world and we seem to have no trouble doing business with Communist China, I am having a hard time figuring out the stubbornness of this wall. Do you know why it has persisted?

  3. First thought before reading a single word today, Cuba. Charles, a well thought moment in documentary photography, the photograph brings a reader right in close, close enough to listen to every word spoken, shared.

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